Welcome to our three acre
“Field of Dreams”

San Diego Boat Storage is the economical option for boat storage and DIY working storage in the San Diego area. Numerous clients have utilized our yard to execute anything from simple repairs and painting up to full multi-year restorations, eventually moving their boats out of the yard to begin the next chapter of their lives.

We’ve made a lot of friends, seen a lot of proud smiles, and heard a lot of stories. We’d like to be a part of your story, too.

We offer basic storage, short and long term, covered work areas, mast storage, court-ordered custodial storage, and boat demolition and disposal.


The owner and operator of San Diego Boat Storage has been involved with boats since the age of five and a shipwright since 1957. He is more than willing to give you his opinion on just about anything, and it’s worth as he would say, “exactly what you pay for it… which is absolutely nothing.” We look forward to working with you while you pursue your dreams.

Unfortunately we do not provide boat transport to our yard at this time. We do have a short list of companies we feel are competent in boat transport, and can assist you in that process if you choose.